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Cookie and Similar Tracking Technologies Policy

This Cookie and Similar Tracking Technologies Policy (this “Policy”) forms part of our Privacy Policy and should be read together with our Terms of Use.

When you visit or interact with our website and Platform, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies, including pixels (also known as a “web beacon” or “clear GIFs”) and local storage (collectively, “Cookies”), to help provide, protect, and improve our website and Platform. For example, to save your preferences, optimize our offerings and marketing activities, combat fraud and abuse, and streamline the functioning of and your access to the Platform.

This is not a recipe for gingerbread cookies. But it does explain the types of Cookies we have on our website and how they work.

If you don’t want to taste the delicious cookies on our website, you can choose not to… but you’ll be missing out. Just note, there are some Cookies you’ll have to digest to use the Services within our website. They are necessary for the Services to work.

This Policy provides you with general information about Cookies, how we and third parties use them, and for what purposes.

For further information on how we use, store and process Personal Data, please visit our Mine Privacy Portal privacy policy. If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to contact us here.

What are ‘Cookies’?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the browser of your computer or mobile device (or other end device), by websites you visit and applications you use. They allow websites to store information like user preferences.

What are ‘First-party’ and ‘Third-party’ Cookies?

There are different types of Cookies. Some Cookies come directly from the website or application you are browsing, and others come from third parties which place Cookies on such site. Such types of Cookies are commonly categorized as "First Party Cookies" and "Third Party Cookies", respectively.

What are ‘Session’ and ‘Persistent’ Cookies?

Cookies can be stored for varying lengths of time on your browser or device. "Session Cookies" are limited to the duration of your visit to the relevant website or application and are terminated when you exit the website or application. "Persistent Cookies" will remain stored on your computer or device until deleted or until they reach their expiry date.

Categories of Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies - These types of Cookies are essential for you to be able to browse the website and use its features and the Platform properly, and cannot be turned off (i.e., setting your privacy preferences, logging in, etc.). These Cookies provide enhanced, more personal features, to improve the user's experience on the website and the Platform.
  • Analytics Cookies - These types of Cookies collect information about how visitors use the website or the application, such as which pages visitors go to most often and if they are likely to get error messages from certain pages. These Cookies are used to improve how the website and the application work, analyze use patterns of the website and the application, and assist the provider to maintain and improve its services.
  • Marketing and Advertising Cookies - These Cookies are controlled by our advertising partners. These Cookies are used to know whether or not you’ve seen an ad or a type of ad online, how you interacted with such an ad, and how long it has been since you’ve seen it. These Cookies help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

What Cookies do We Use and What Information is Collected Using Cookies?

Our website contains both First Party Cookies and Third Party Cookies, Strictly Necessary Cookies, Analytics Cookies, and Marketing and Advertising Cookies.

Information collected on our website and Platform using Cookies includes:

  • Information about your operating system and device;
  • Web pages accessed within the website, the link that led you to the website, anonymized screen recordings as provided by our service providers, dates and times you accessed the website, event information (e.g., system crashes) and general location information;
  • Information provided by you on the website in order to streamline your experience and prevent you from having to re-enter information during the next visit to the website;
  • Number of visitors on the website and which web pages have been viewed.

Your Choices and Control

We are committed to offering you meaningful privacy choices. Below we specify how you can control or limit how we and other third parties use Cookies.

Please note that some of the Cookies are important to specific aspects of the Platform. If you disable Cookies, you may not be able to enjoy all the features of the Platform.

If you do not accept our cookies or other tracking technologies that are not strictly essential for the operation of the website, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with the same level of services.

How to Manage Cookies?

If you do not want Cookies to be placed on your device when browsing the website, you can do this through our website’s Cookie consent banner, or by adjusting your browser settings to manage such Cookies, or to notify you when a Cookie is being placed on your browser. These settings are usually found in the 'Options' or 'Preferences' menu of your internet browser.

See below links to common browsers enabling the control of cookies:

In addition, on your mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad or Android), you can change your device settings to control whether you see online interest-based ads.

Additional Control

For more information about analytics and advertising cookies and how you can opt out, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page, the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out page, or

“Do Not Track” Signals

Your browser settings may allow you to automatically transmit a “Do Not Track” signal. Because of differences in how web browsers interpret this feature and send those signals, and lack of standardization, it is not always clear whether visitors and users intend for these signals to be transmitted or whether they are even aware of them. Therefore, as many other reputable websites and online platform, we currently do not respond to such “Do Not Track” signals.

Changes and Updates

We may update this Policy from time to time. When required under applicable laws, we will post a notice on the website and obtain your consent once again.

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