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Introducing a Value-Based-Internet

Having been part of the tech world, we noticed how people, including ourselves, started to feel like we had no control over what happens with our data. As sharing our data has become a requirement for
anyone who wants to enjoy the internet, we decided it was time to make data rights accessible to everyone.

This is why we founded Mine to build a new future of data ownership that gives users transparency and choice over the data they share online.

Our vision

Bring a new future of equal choice and control to the internet.

Our mission is to create a new global privacy standard where people can manage their data and minimize online risks without changing their behavior. We are bridging the gap between people and companies by making regulations accessible to everyone.

Our team

The minds behind Mine

Our team of innovators unites technological, entrepreneurial, and creative minds with extensive backgrounds in cyber, data privacy, and consumer companies.

Co-Founder & CTO
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CPO

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